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barrel aged bitters
5 fl oz bottle

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aged in sazerac rye whiskey barrels for 140 days, these peychaud's barrel aged bitters add a flavorful, spicy twist to any cocktail!
they’re remarkably different products. classic peychaud’s offers complex notes of earth, charred nuts, cloves, watermelon rind, licorice root, and charred vegetables, with a distinct, semisweet rhubarb character — particularly on the nose. in contrast, the new peychaud’s whiskey barrel-aged bitters are less complicated and initially, and somewhat counterintuitively, a bit sweeter. they don’t take on the cherry woodiness of the wood but rather some of the vanilla and baking spices of the rye. as the bitters hit the palate, that rhubarb turns much more toward cherry fruit, with notes of gingerbread and christmas spices on the back end.
peychaud’s is one of the best-selling bitters in the u.s. market. the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret that only a few know! peychaud’s is a key ingredient in the sazerac® cocktail, as well as many other classic cocktails.