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bennett bitters
2 fl oz bottle

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light your fire

made with one of the hottest chilis on earth, scorpion bitters is a surprisingly flavorful, all purpose, chili tincture created for the connoisseur of spicy cuisine. bold and rich heat dances across the palate in waves, as it elevates paired flavors in an exotic taste experience.

small batched and hand bottled.

the flavor reason

inspired by the beauty of the american southwest. this bold combination of fiery caribbean chilis with preserved manchurian scorpions boasts an alarmingly spicy character with umami undertones to round out the heat.

weighing in at 12-20 times the heat of habanero pepper, this potent chili is an excellent flavor enhancer to add a range of fiery intensity to any food or beverage.

try it in a bloody mary, margarita, mezcal old fashioned, or paloma.

pairs well with lime, cointreau, tomato, pineapple, tequila, and vodka.


water, alcohol, trinidad moruga scorpion chili, scorpion, pure cane sugar