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distillerie peureux
griottines (kirsch cherries)
35cl jar

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in just three weeks, over 500 million of these tiny, ruby red fruits are harvested. the morello cherries are first dispatched to the collection center, which is located as close to the harvest area as possible. there they undergo the first washing and sorting process. the cherries are then graded and only the ones with diameters of 14 to 20 mm are kept. the first maceration is then carried out on site. the morello cherries are immersed in barrels of liqueur brought in from fougerolles. maceration must begin within six hours of picking, to conserve the flavor and physical characteristics of the fruit. it is essential to conserve these properties of the fruit throughout the entire process. the barrels of macerating cherries are sent to fougerolles.
during transport, and the rest period following their arrival, the morello cherries and the liqueur in the barrel merge slowly through natural osmosis. the morello cherries are sorted and graded again. this time only those with a diameter of 18 - 20 mm are selected. then follows the crucial stoning stage. this is one of the most delicate steps in preparing the cherries as they could be damaged during the process. the company has designed a unique machine, which positions the fruit so that the stone is removed through the scar left by the stalk. this process guarantees that the cherries look whole, despite the fact that they have no stone.